Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Kenny J....What an afternoon...I love how he and his brother talk so big that "I'm only going to take a couple pictures and I'm only changing once..and NO dress shirt"..LOL...Thank God for Aunties!! Gotta love it. We had fun. Funny thing about this day...the photo where Ken is by the old building with red wood...there was this creepy guy who all of a sudden just appeared out of NO where at the top of the hill. He stood there watching us for several minutes..finally he left. BUT he is in a couple shots before I realized it wasn't my son..but some stranger. Uh, ok..weirdo!!! It is hard to believe that a few posts ago...there is his brother...Matt who graduated last year...whats even harder to believe is that i have only made one post since then, sheesh. I will say that I had to take some time off for numerous reasons. Looks as though my next 6 months are filling up for more sessions though. So you may see a few more sometime soon! Can't wait...it will be fun to get back into the swing of things. Oh and I am CERTAIN I will have some vacation photos in a few weeks too :) Can you say Beach, 80+ degree temps, and sm/lg...can't wait! Now where is my passport.........

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  1. I love the photos they turned out so wonderful!!

    Thanks so much!!