Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Anyone who truly knows me, knows that sunsets at the lake/ocean are my absolute favorite. I forget everything in life when I sit and watch the amazingly beautiful work of art that God created for us. The colors. The shapes. Breath taking. I had so many shots from this night. I got the sun in its full rounded beauty all the way to the point you can't see it any more. And all you see is the firey glow of the sun in the clouds. Amazing!! The photos are all natural. Untouched. I hope you like them!


Here is the beautiful twins Megan and Mindy. It was an honor to take their photos...I have known their Mother for many years..even before she had her 3 children. Girls I hope you truly like them.... =D

Friday, August 8, 2008

Twins Megan and Mindy kept me busy today. It was such a fun shoot.

For some of these photos I will add their name and graduation year in a graffiti font